Java Shack proudly partners with Virginia coffee roasters to offer fresh, locally-crafted varieties.  We carry single-origin coffees and espresso blends from Commonwealth Joe, a local business that roasts coffee in small batches in the shadow of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Culpeper, Virginia, only about 60 miles south of Arlington.  We also offer several special labels from Shenandoah Valley-based Lexington Coffee Roasters, including a House Blend, French Roast, and Signature Espresso Blend.  These roasters are passionate about sourcing and roasting superior coffees, and they bring a tireless dedication to their craft.

Our single-origin coffees rotate based on the seasons and the harvests of particular crops.  At any one time, we typically carry at least 4-5 different single-origin varieties.  Each bag of coffee we sell bears a recent roast date, individual flavor/roast profiles, and information about the coffee farm or the composition of a coffee blend.