Java Shack is committed to leading a socially responsible, eco-friendly coffee house. In 2008, Java Shack was featured in The Washington Post for its sustainability efforts, which include reducing water usage with aeration filters for taps, saving electricity with low-energy bulbs, composting coffee grounds, and using biodegradable, corn-based coffee cups that cost three times as much as standard paper cups.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of steps that Java Shack has taken to enhance the sustainability of our footprint and do our part to preserve and protect the "green" community we serve:

•  Locally-roasted coffee from Virginia roasters who source sustainably-grown coffee
•  100% biodegradable/compostable cups
•  100% recycled napkins (80% post-consumer materials)
•  100% recycled, unbleached hand towels
•  100% wind power
•  CFL light bulbs
•  Reusable glasses
•  Encourage travel mugs for take-out orders and ceramic cups for in-store use
•  Only print receipt if they are requested
•  General recycling program (reduced trash by 80%)
•  Recycling of coffee/espresso grounds for high-energy fire log production
•  Energy Star high-efficiency ice machine
•  Efficient 1/2 gpm flow hand sink (vs. standard 2-2.5 gpm flow)